When I was younger I always thought that the absolute coolest age to be was 27. You have a slow build up from 20 (nobody under 20 is cool except Tavi Gevinson & Willow & Jaden Smith - discuss) and then 27 is when you are The Height Of Cool. I was always rather worried that once I turned 30, that would be the end & my life as a cool person would be over.
Well I turn 29 today and I’ve gotta say - young me was so wrong, I’m fucking cooler than I’ve ever been. I am Rad As Heck and I will still be Rad As Heck when I’m 30 and way beyond. Even though I can’t handle drinking anymore and I can’t stay awake past 10pm :(



as much as people make fun of ~tumblr feminism~ i think its pretty damn revolutionary that us girls have a space to share ideas and pictures and get inspired from each other and learn from each other and connect with one another and find a sense of solidarity with one another even if its only online. like this era is so amazing i love all of you i find inspiration from all of you u all help me grow and learn so much about myself and its fucking powerful as hell

people’s reactions to getting surprise drawings of themselves are the best! & thank you to cute people who reblog my selfies, that’s so cool!
I’m feeling very good today even though it’s monday mornin and I gotta go to work… shpadoinkle! :) xxx