I haven’t drawn anything at all in the last week, I’ve been very bad. so I’m posting a few sketches, and I might start posting a few more too for those times when I am not feeling very prolific (basically means I haven’t done any drawing because I’ve been playing the sims too much, oops)
a bunch of people have asked me recently whether i do portrait commissions - the answer is yes I will be reopening them soon, & I’ll post more about it shortly!
in other news, a dear sweet friend of mine moved to New York yesterday and I’m real sad to see her go, but me and Miles are saving for a trip to the states next year (hoping for a LA to Portland road trip then a stop in NYC!!) so it’ll be super great to see her and experience that!
also I inherited a (new to me) iPhone with a better camera so expect lotsa selfies. and we just started watching Twin Peaks because I’ve never seen it (I know) and i frickin love it so far. it’s a bit of a change of pace because we’ve been marathoning Ru Paul’s drag race for the past month ;)